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By The Shaw Brothers, for the Sinclair ZX Spectrum 48K upwards, on emulator files.

This game hasn't been on sale for a very long time, but is now available again!

The game is in two halves. The first half is the Designer and the second half,
Glory, is the main game itself. Stop the tape once the message appears on the screen to do so.

The game features two divisions of 16 teams, and a FA Cup competition.
All managers can be either computer or human.


This holds the various options, these include:

Redefine menu control
Input number of human players (up to 32)
League choice (England or Scotland)
Team selection
Computer Manager's ability
Points per win (2 or 3)

This part is also used to load in a saved game, and to load in a saved season.


This is the main game,
To buy a player the manager must use the telephone option and select a team to call.
Then the transfer-list of that team will appear, after selecting a player on the list
you will then be able to make a bid for the player.

By selecting the "In Directors Box" option the game will be shown on the results service.

By selecting the "Stand In Dug-Out" option the game will be shown with a full match commentary.
During this commentary the scrolling can be toggled between normal and fast by holding the select
key (Fire) down for a few seconds. If the ball goes out of play or during half-time, then you will
be able to bring on a substitute and change game-play tactics, by pressing < (Left) for the Home team
or > (Right) for the Away team.

At the end of the season you will be asked to save to tape.
Then the game is re-loaded and your saved season loaded into the Designer part.
The promotion and relegations are calculated here (in the Designer part), and Manager
Of The Year, Player Of The Year (Top Scorers Table) awards presented. During which you will be able
to select more options including Ground Development and taking your team to the Specialist Physio.

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