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(Box Deluxe Mix)

By Jason Railton  for the Sinclair ZX Spectrum 48K, on cassette.

Everyone likes falling puzzle games...especially when they contain violence, circular saws, heavy weights and fluffy creatures right?

Jason Railton makes the humble Speccy perform things it was never meant to do.  Multicolour graphics, with high resolution colour, and no colour clash.    

Guarantee yourself your copy by pre-ordering your now - The game is due for release on the Spectrum's 36th Birthday, on 23rd April 2018.

When considering this next to nearly every other ZX Spectrum game though, Buzzsaw is like watching a bewildering magic trick. The colours! This game absolutely refuses to obey the 'two colours per character square' rule that defined the look of Spectrum games since time began. Had Jason Railton released this in 1984 he would have either been revered as a programming god, or burned at the stake as a witch. Yes, there have been selected examples of games that exploited clever timing of colour changes within the raster scan beam to do these kind of effects, but usually these are reserved for menus, high score tables and the like. Not so here. The colour trickery is rock solid throughout the game itself making an experience that just does not resemble a ZX Spectrum at all.

Couple the amazing colours with the solid game behind it and you have a game that belies the hardware it is written on – thus an excellent game to rub in the faces of your C64 owning chums (if the playground feuds are still going on a quarter of a century later). An utterly essential download for the technical aspects alone, wrapped around a perfectly playable and fun (but probably non-essential) game.   SCORE: 5/5

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