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ZINVADERS - Sinclair ZX81 + 16K RAM, on cassette

by Ullises B. Mello

THE BEST alien blasting arcade game in existence for the Sinclair 16K ZX81, bar none!

Achieves that arcade action playability and fluidity that was sadly lacking in the original ZX81 incarnations of the game.  Check out Villordsutch's gameplay and review video!

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Fantastic Version of Space Invaders
This is a fantastic version of Space Invaders. Pushing the ZX81 and getting very smooth, very playable large moving graphics. Has all the playablility of the original arcade. Far far better than the old ascii versions that we had to live with in the 80s. Definitely a 5 out of 5. Please purchase the cassette version, even if you download the free digital version. Help keep software production for this awesome wee machine alive. Well worth 5 quid!
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