ZX 1K GAMES PACK Sinclair ZX81 unexpanded, on cassette

ZX 1K GAMES PACK   Sinclair ZX81 unexpanded, on cassette

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by Russell Marks

Shapestack T1K is a faithful conversion of the classic high speed Russian shape-sorting game, with full line scoring and really neat graphics.

LazyFrog is another top-notch arcade classic with all the features you would expect from bigger machines, now shoe-horned into just 1K!

Both games have *ultra fast* loading and are recorded twice on both sides.

Shapestack T1K

Rotate the falling shapes so that they 'lock' into place forming horizontal lines. A point will be awarded for each line achieved, which will then vanish and allow the pieces above it to drop down.


The aim of the game is simple - help your frog across the road and over the river to the safety of your home.

Making it over the road is simple enough; just avoid the cars and trucks. But apparently, you're some kind of hydrophobic frog, so you'll have to ride on the logs to cross the river.

Once across the waters, you should jump the frog into a vacant 'home' (blank square). And if you fall all four homes, you'll be rewarded with another - slightly faster - level to try.

You have three lives, shown at the top-right of the play area and your score is shown at the top-left. If you lose all lives, then it's game over and after a two second wait, a new game will start.

No frogs were squashed during the making of this game.

See VILLORDSUTCH's review of this package here:

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