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SOKOBAARN Sinclair ZX Spectrum 48K cassette

By Bob Smith, for the Sinclair ZX Spectrum 48K, on cassette.

Jilly's Farm Volume 1

Farmer Jack has retired, leaving the family farm to his daughter Jilly. Jilly wants to keep livestock - pigs, sheep and ducks - but there's still the gathering of the hay crop to be done.

Sheep like everything to be tidy and in it's place, and sheep are very good at moving hay (well...pushing hay). The goal of each level is to move each bale of hay to the storage, so they can be collected and so unlock the next level.

An excellent isometric 3D puzzler from the wizard Bob Smith.   Includes a level editor to make your own puzzles!

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jillys sheep
!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Great game and one you keep playing all day. I like the fact you can get a New hard copy on tape. Def' one of my new Favourites!!!!!!
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